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Some Previous Writings

Professionally, I have been writing for several years on conservation issues with special reference to in-situ conservation. My writings, so far, include a few books, technical papers, and conservation plans, appraisals and reports etc. I could not write as much on other subjects/ issues as I wanted due to obvious reasons. Here is a repository of some of my published articles available online.

Conservation breakthroughs in Kanha | Frontline

Home on the range | Frontline

How the tiger census estimated India now has 2,967 tigers | The Wire

On International Tiger Day, India awaits good news from counting exercise | The Wire

Tiger fight club | Frontline

Space crunch for tigers | Frontline

Alas, the tiger is not immortal! | The Week

Grasslands for the tiger | Frontline

Secret lives in a nature reserve | Frontline

Barasingha breaks new ground | Frontline The return of the Gaur | Saevus

The importance of protected areas | Frontline

Saving the tiger's land | Frontline

Tiger triumph | Frontline

A new life in Kanha | Frontline

Operation Barasingha | Frontline

Tiger and some home truths | Frontline

Lifeline for tigers | Frontline

Tiger and tourism | Frontline

Bread and buffer | Frontline

Deer country | Frontline

Saving the big cats before it's too late | Hindustan Times

Kanha's rules for saving the tiger | Hindustan Times


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